Increase seo of your website admin Search engine optimization

Increase seo of your website

By using some of the following methods that i’m going to explain in this blog post you should be able to drive more traffic and get better search rankings on the search engines.One of the most important parts of seo to begin with is using correct keywords for better placement. When someone enters a search keyword for a specific item,article,etc the first thing that shows up in the search engines are the relative keywords in relation to the title,meta description and url.You should always try and keep your titles short usually no more then 70 characters.Use keywords in your title,meta description and add keywords to your post descriptions so search engines can better identify your content to the related search.Your meta description should be no more then 175 characters and should include a call to action phrase in the description.Use alt attributes to describe all images on your website and make sure alt keyword text is attached to your attributes.Identify and fix 404 broken link errors.If you have broken links be sure to fix them using 301 redirects.Make sure your url structures are standardized to provide a faster crawl time for search engines. Shorten your url to no more then 74 characters so it can show completely in search results.Link your pages internally so search bot can completely crawl your website.Use anchor text to increase link relevance and keep click paths short.Create a sitemap xml file and place it on your site and keep it updated.Creating and placing a robot text file on your site is a good way to tell search engine bots which directories to crawl and ones not to.Do keyword research for better search placement.Organize your website appearance neatly and improve your site loading speed.Try to make your site also mobile friendly.Eliminate duplicate content.Use unique headlines and diversify new content.Promote your content using social networks for more exposure.Encourage users to comment on posts and sign up on your website and finally track website statistics using google analytics.


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