Walking the trails at Cattus Island park admin Outdoors

Walking the trails at Cattus Island park

Today I ventured out to explore a few of the trails that are within Cattus Island County Park.The park is located at 1170 Cattus Island Boulevard in Toms River,NJ.The park is open year round for all to enjoy and has a picnic and childrens playground area adjacent to the parking lot.It has a lot to offer nature enthusiasts as it has several marked trails where you can view different wildlife such as birds,reptiles,fish and also has a butterfly garden.The trails are are maintained and most of them are wider trails where you can either use a bike,walk, or jogging without having to worry about brush,thickets,etc.A free trail map is available from the parks office or at the information kiosk that lists all the trail rules and hours of operation of the park.Some of the trails you will encounter here are the maritime forest trail,swamp crossing trail,island trail,yellowbank trail,hidden beach trail and the boardwalk trail.It is a nice day park to bring the family to.You will also want to make sure you bring your camera as you never know what type of wildlife you may encounter and also for scenic pictures within the park boundaries.Attached are a variety of scenic photographs taken at the park for all to enjoy.Also here is a link for the Cattus Island Park trail map so you can plan your adventure.Until the next post make sure to get outside and explore the outdoors.

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