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Webb’s Mill Bog

While exploring and taking a motorcycle ride I came upon a road sign that said Greenwood wildlife management area and decided to stop and take a look around.Across from the sign I saw a little path leading into the wood line and decided to see where it went.I followed this narrow path to the right and it lead me to a walkway located in the middle of a swampy bog area.I took a walk on the walkway and took some scenic photos of the area.

I’m sure that during the spring and summer months there is plenty of wildlife to view in this hidden area located on rte 539 in Manchester,NJ. The walkway is easy to access after a short trail walk.There are all sorts of aquatic plants and flora along with other types of wildlife.This spot is located in a peaceful setting other then the road traffic noise you get from rte 539.If you get a chance and love wildlife and are looking for an easy day trip just stop by and visit this site. Also remember to bring your camera.I’ve included some photos of the area.

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