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Exploring outdoor trails in NJ

Today I was exploring a trail called the Silver Stream trail located in Jackson NJ.Its a smaller trail that winds thru various types of trees and has a small stream and foot bridges that runs thru sections of it.The trails can be used for a variety of activities such as walking, hiking, jogging, mountain biking and horseback riding.The trail eventually loops around and will bring you back at the beginning parking lot of which is located near 255 Frank Applegate Road in Jackson, NJ.For anyone who is looking for a nice scenic day walk I would suggest visiting this site with its trails if your in the area.The trails are marked and there is usually a map of the trails pamphlet displayed at the parking lot trail entrance.I’ve included a few photos I took while walking along a small section of the trail and there is also a map image of the trails. Anyone looking to take photographs of the changing fall colors should start exploring their favorite trails soon.

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